In the dark – part of the UnNaturalverse

In the dark – part of the UnNaturalverse

Ashley waited in her room for her boyfriend. With all the lights off it was almost pitch black but she’d been waiting long enough for her eyes to adjust enough to see. Eventually there is a knock and the door and the door opens, the light outside briefly lighting up her boyfriend in the doorway.

“Hello?” her boyfriend calls out as he steps further into the room.

From the dark she watches as he tries the light switch and she smiles knowing it wouldn’t work. Ashley had removed the bulbs. Still smiling she steps forward causing her boyfriend to startle, he stumbles back adorably already raising his hands in a bid to protect himself.

Gripping the lighter tightly Ashley flicks it open igniting a flame. It flickers in the darkness briefly lighting up her face.

“I wondered when you’d get her,” Ashley says with a grin and a wink before blowing the light back out.

The room is suddenly dark again as Ashley steps back and laughs. “Come and find me sexy,” she whispers in a velvet tone.

In the dark, Ashley watches cafefully as her boyfriend fumbles in the dark searching for her. Ashley teases him, luring him in with her voice before deftly slipping past his grasp. She toys with him a few times before impatience finally gets the better of him.

“Where are you?” he calls out just as Ashley comes up behind him sliding her arms around his waist.

“I’m here,” Ashley whispers in his ear.

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