My Fae lady – part of the UnNaturalverse

My Fae lady – part of the UnNaturalverse

The wind blew softly through the trees, branches and leaves shifting in the breeze. Nature was silent this morning, it was peaceful. The figure moving in the morning light made little sound as he went from branch to branch. He pauses on one sturdy branch and looks at the tree to his right, a second figure stands there looking up at him.

Lakota gives a slight nod and his fellow fae motions behind him and  to the east before jumping down and disappearing inth the undergrowth. Kotasmiles enjoying the moment. It’d been a while since he’d got to hunt with his brethren. He reaches out with his senses, feeling the fae magic in the air. It permanated the atmosphere. Here the Fae ruled, here they were the ones you feared, the ones you respected.

The target this morning didn’t, she didn’t fear the Fae, she didn’t respect the Fae. She made her deal and ran. She needed to be punished. Normally Lakota’s father would be the one to hunt her as the Elder’s embodiment of vengeance. But this time, he’d let Lakota and two other Fae to hunt in his stead.

It was rare but not unusual, the Elders often let their children take part in their specific tasks, as a way of training them for the future. Lakota wasn’t sure what was going through his father’s mind, but this was one of his tests. One Lakota intended to pass. Concentrating, he quickened his pace letting his Fae power feed off the magic around him, heightening his senses and allowing him to follow and zero in on the one the magic seeked.

When he finally silently stopped Lakota found himself at the edge of a clearing. A cloaked figure stood in the center, hood drawn over her face it was hard to see but the magic around them signalled her status as an outsider, as their target. Lakota looked around the clearing trying to spot the others. They weren’t there? He reached out with his powers in-case they were just hiding, but he felt nothing.

Lakota swallowed the knot in his throat. He never expected to be the only one to find the target. The atmosphere around the cloaked figure felt heavy- come to think about it his father never said who the woman was or what deal she had made.

Better safe than sorry Lakota thinks as he studies the figure from the safety of the tre-

The hooded figure suddenly looks straight at Lakota and for a moment he catches a glimpse of the most green eyes he’d seen for a long time, and the flicker of magic behind them. The branch snaps underneath him and he plummets.

Reacting quickly, his hand shoot out and grabs another branch steadying himself before letting go and dropping gracefully to the floor. Trying to muster all the confidence he can manage, Lakota strides towards the cloaked woman just as she pulls down her hood.

Revealing long wavy Raven hair falling past her shoulders and eyes as bright as shimmering jade. Her cloak falls next; showing her leather trousers and a loose cloth shirt. She smiles when Lakota finally comes into the light, just as his face drops in shock.

“Hello my sweet Lakota,”  the woman says going to embrace him…

Lakota’s voice is quiet, unsure almost timid, his words almost a whisper… “Mom?”

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