Moonlight Stroll – part of the UnNaturalverse

Moonlight stroll – a tale from the UnNaturalverse

The moon was bright tonight, it called to her. She’d never remember exactly what happened, it’d haunt her in brief flashes of memory, bursts of scents creeping up on her. Tomorrow, when Denise woke. She wouldn’t remember anything but the call of the moon. But that didn’t matter, she was her other self. For now, she was only the wolf. She stalked her prey in the night, sneaking and slipping through the shadows playfully crafted from the moon’s light.

The scent was still fresh in the air, she licked her lips in anticipation. A twig snapped nearby and the wolf leapt. She crashed through the bushes tackling the human. Knocking them down, strong, she pinned it down. A low growl reverberating through her throat. She meant business, and she wanted the human to know that.

Her other self spoke to her, but the wolf didn’t know the words. The wolf didn’t care, she bared her fangs and growled again. The human made a funny noise that caused her to pause. A claw, no the wolf thought, a hand, brushed against the fur of her neck.

The human ran their fingers through her fur, it gave her pause, it was distraction, it felt good. Fingers went behind her ear and scratched. The wolf pulled her head back confused, she backed off as the human got back up. It smiled at her, and she thought she recognised the human. Her other self did, she kept making noises in the back of the wolf head, she shook them away. She wanted to focus on the human.


Focus on the human.



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