Under watchful eyes – part of the UnNaturalverse

Under watchful eyes – part of the UnNaturalverse

Victor stalked the vampire through the park. It was unusual for a vampire to not have a nest, but it didn’t matter. The vampire would die, it was simple as that. Smiling he started twirling his dagger in his fingers.

“Don’t drop your guard,” a voice whispered through the ear-piece he wore.

Victor laughed, “When have I ever?”

“This isn’t a game Vicky,” the voice said sharply.

Victor winced, the hated nickname meant his partner wasn’t in a playing mood. “Fine. Can you see anything from your perch?”

There was a pause, his partner was obviously scanning the park from their high vantage point in a block of flats overlooking the park. Victor smiled even from this distance, the high-powered sniper rifle would pack a hell of a punch. It was in very capable hands.

“No sign of the vampire yet,” the voice sounded frustrated.

“Is everything okay? You sound distracted,” Victor said annoyed with the slight hint of worry that crept into his voice.

“No, I’m fine. I’ve been trying to think of how to approach a subject with you that’s all.”

“This is about your aunt and uncle isn’t it,” Victor guesses.

The pause on the other end is telling and Victor chuckles. “How¬† did you know?”

“I’m not stalking you, I just overheard you talking to them on the phone last night. Sounded like you were planning something.”

The sigh that followed was clearly audible over the headset. “Yeah. They wanted me to invite you round for tea, my aunt and uncle wanted to finally meet you.”

“As long as that’s all. We can talk about that when we’re not hunting a vampire.”

“Oh that is so cute. Wait till Lakota hears you’ve been worried about me,” the humor in the voice is apparent.

“Shut it,” Victor grumbles.

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud. You know I-” the voice stops just as Victor hears a twig snap to his immediate right. “Vampire!”

Victor moves before the voice even finishes, reacting as soon as he’d heard the break. The vampire launched himself at his intended prey. The hunger was clear in the vampire’s eyes. The last thing he expected was Victor to dodge the clumsy lunge. Victor grins as he steps around the vampire, the tip of his dagger carving a piece of the man as he moves.

The vampire howls, a mixture of pain and anger. He stumbles backwards preparing to lunge a second time but again the last thing he expected was for Victor to suddenly be in his face. The vampire snarls just as Victor’s dagger finds his mark.

The sharp blade punches through the vampire’s sternum, piercing his heart. Victor pulls the dagger free, enjoying the look of surprise on the vampire’s face. Their pride was so highly strung, they never expected their prey to be a hunter in his own right.

Happy with another job well done, Victor turns with a smile looking straight at the flat his faithful watcher would be.

“See, I told you there was nothing to worr-“


The loud gunshot echoed throughout the park cutting off Victor’s boast. He frowns moments before he feels the high caliber round whizz past his cheek and smashes into a second vampire that had almost gotten the drop on him. The woman had fallen on her back, his partner’s shot had caught her perfectly, the round obliterating the vampire’s heart.

“See Vicky, I told you to be careful,” the voice says calmly.

Victor sighs and starts trudging back to the flat…

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